100 Day Warranty Terms And Conditions

01. The warranty applies to the motor vehicle described on the Validation Certificate provided it is a vehicle in current use. The warranty applicable to commercial vehicles is subject to the mileage of the vehicle not exceeding 12,000 miles in any 12 month period. The mileage for other than a 12 month warranty shall be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

02. No repairs are to be commenced without the prior authorisation of Carzam Protect Division

03. Dismantling charges will only be reimbursed as part of a valid claim. The vehicle owner must authorise any dismantling and to pay such charges should it be established that the failure is not covered by the warranty.

04. The Company reserves the right to examine the vehicle and/or damaged parts prior to any rectification work being undertaken. No claim will be considered where it is established by an Independent Engineer that the faults were caused by a lack of servicing and/or maintenance or wear and tear. Should the Independent Engineer be unable to carry out their assessment for any reason, other than their own, then the responsibility of arranging a further inspection, and payment for same, will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

05. Cancellation of cover

a) The service contract holder has the right to cancel their cover at any time within 14 days from the date of purchase and receive a full refund; this period is known as the “cooling off period”.

b) After the cooling off period has ended no refund of any monies paid in respect of this cover will be made for any reason.

c) In the event of a valid claim being admitted and paid within 14 days of purchase the cooling off period will be treated as ended and no refund of monies paid will be issued.

d) In the event that a refund of monies paid in respect of this coverage is issued the agreement shall be treated as ended and all of the contract holders entitlements under the agreement are forfeited immediately.

06. No liability shall exist or be deemed to exist whatsoever in the event of non-payment of this warranty.

07. The warranty holder is responsible for the first £100.00 of any claim admitted by the company if the duration of cover is three months only. If any claim is fraudulent in any respect, all benefits under this warranty will be forfeited.

08. In the event that the duration of cover is three months the maximum labour rate claimable is limited to £50 per hour plus VAT. The Company reserves the right to specify the use of reconditioned or exchange units.

09. In the event of a claim being admitted, the Company reserves the right to request a contribution from the warranty holder towards the cost of any parts and or labour in the event of the vehicle being in a better condition than it enjoyed immediately prior to the failure. The Company reserves the right to specify the use of reconditioned or exchange units.

10. The maximum liability for repairs shall not exceed the maximum claim liability as stipulated on the Validation Certificate. This shall also include any Additional Benefits.

11. The Conditions and Exclusions of this warranty cannot be altered or amended by any party except by written authority of the Company. The benefits of this warranty may not be assigned without the written consent of the Company.


i) Mechanical breakdown where the fault(s) could be reasonably stated to have existed before the commencement of this warranty, or the breakdown or failure of any components not covered by the warranty.

ii) Cylinder head cracks/porosity are specifically excluded under the terms of this warranty and so is the gradual reduction in operating performance of any of the components listed as being covered components.
iii) Any loss unless the vehicle has been serviced in accordance with the requirements of this warranty as detailed on the validation certificate or where the odometer has been tampered with, altered or disconnected.

iv) Repairs, replacements or alterations not authorised by the Company, experimental equipment, routine servicing or maintenance, or vehicles in any way modified from the manufacturer’s specifications, or any faults that can be attributed to the quality of fuel being used.

v) Any parts which have not actually failed, or parts replaced or reported during routine servicing and / or maintenance. Nor any parts which can be considered as having inherent design faults, subject to manufacturer’s recall, or claimable under any existing insurance, warranty or guarantee

vi) Vehicles used for hire or reward, commercial vehicles with a carrying capacity of 35cwt or more, vehicles used in any sort of competition, rallying, racing, or any vehicles owned by a garage or its associated companies engaged in the motor trade.

vii) Any damage occurred in whole or in part due to any type of accident which is wilful, unlawful or negligent.

viii) Any consequential loss of whatsoever nature, arising directly, or indirectly from the claim, or event giving rise to a claim under this warranty. Any liability for death or bodily injury or damage to any property of any description.

ix) Claims not notified to the Company during the warranty duration, or any claims not notified by Recorded Delivery within seven days of any occurrence giving rise to a claim.

x)Deterioration of lubricants resulting in inconsequential damage.

xi) Any diagnostic cost incurred is specifically excluded from coverage afforded by this warranty.

xii) Any component that has failed due to a foreign object, such as stone damage or water ingress.

xiii) Wear - Damage or deterioration which has occurred as the result of repeated usage cycles and has not developed suddenly within the vehicles last journey.

xiv) Negligence - Damage to the vehicle which could be reasonably stated to have been avoided but for the inaction/action of the operator/owner or third party either accidental or reckless.

xv) Maintenance - The preventative and reactive maintenance of the vehicle including but not limited to servicing, fluid changes and the replacement of items which have reached the end of their serviceable life such as brake discs and pads and tyres.