• Carzam launches new ‘chat and buy’ service to help buyers secure the right car

Carzam launches new ‘chat and buy’ service to help buyers secure the right car

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  • Published: 10 September 2021
  • Carzam launches new ‘chat and buy’ service to help buyers secure the right car

Customers are more willing than ever to buy used cars online without viewing them, leading innovative digital car-buying platform Carzam to launch a new service called ‘Chat and Buy’. The service allows them to hold a car and stop it from selling before they make a final commitment – ensuring they don’t miss out on the car of their dreams.

The move comes after Carzam learned there were often multiple enquiries on the same vehicle, and that some buyers were unable to buy the car they originally wanted. The new data-led solution means customers can take their time and be confident they’ve made the right purchasing decision without feeling the pressure to ‘buy now.

“Increasing numbers of car buyers want to purchase online and are more than happy to do so without further research, but for many, this is their first time,” said Carzam CEO, Kirk O’Callaghan.

 “What they want is support and reassurance that their purchase is correct for them. Carzam’s new Chat and Buy tool offers extra peace of mind to those who might otherwise prefer to visit a showroom and gives them the time to ask questions about the car they’re thinking of buying without worrying someone else will buy it first.”

All the customer has to do is pay a fully refundable £49 deposit to hold the car while they chat through the purchase with Carzam’s dedicated, in-house, UK-based contact centre, which will be returned to them with no quibbles should they decide not to proceed.

“We’ve been able to gather lots of data very quickly as we are selling cars extremely fast,” added O’Callaghan. “Our rapid sales growth has enabled us to gather the information that tells us some customers have missed out, so we’re now offering them an opportunity to take it off sale while they talk to us further.”

Customers can also take a car off sale temporarily after filling in their initial enquiry form until Carzam’s customer service team has got back to them to discuss their needs.

O’Callaghan added: “Chat and Buy will grow in capability and sophistication in the coming weeks and just goes to show how seriously we take the user journey. We know it will be very useful to car buyers making the big decision to buy online and is just one example of how we’ll continue to refine the Carzam user experience.”

The £49 Chat and Buy deposit will be deducted from the balance owing on the car. The move further strengthens Carzam’s commitment to providing a superior consumer end-to-end experience to find, part exchange, finance, and buy used cars online

Carzam offers a huge choice of approved used cars, prepared through its central hub at Peterborough, Cambs. It offers home delivery, often in under 24 hours. Cars can also be collected at two centres, one in London and another in Corby, with a new collection point planned for the very near future.