• The Carzam Promise

The Carzam Promise

Quality Assured Cars. Always.

We’re passionate about our cars and love what we do. Our service to you means everything to us which is why we only sell the best quality cars to our customers. 

Every Carzam car is subject to a multi-point safety inspection check for your peace of mind. Each vehicle is reconditioned and prepped to the highest retail standards so that you can take delivery of your car knowing that it has been cared for.

Our Carzam cars receive a seven stage check-over as part of our Carzam Promise:

  • Stage 1 - Vehicle Sourcing

    Our experienced car buyers only purchase cars that meet our strict criteria. Vehicles that do not meet the Carzam Promise are not retailed on our platform.

  • Stage 2 - Initial Inspection

    Purchased cars are delivered to the Carzam National Preparation Centre for our highly trained Vehicle Examiners to inspect them from the outside to the inside. They highlight any issues that are not acceptable by our high standards.

  • Stage 3 - Mechanical Checks and Repairs

    Each vehicle goes through a rigorous mechanical inspection at this stage. It's where we check the engine and all safety systems are in good working condition, including a two-mile road test. Any defects will be replaced or repaired to ensure the car is safe and meets the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency safety criteria.

  • Stage 4 - Cosmetic Checks and Repairs

    Any issues highlighted during the initial inspection are reconditioned to the highest standards by our cosmetic technicians. We aim to restore the car to 'manufacturer's factory settings'. From the vehicle body to its wheels, we take care of everything.

  • Stage 5 - Quality Assurance Checks

    Before the vehicle gets a full valet, our Quality Assurance Auditors check it to ensure any issues previously identified have been completed and that they meet our standards. At this stage, the car receives a thorough clean inside and out.

  • Stage 6 - Imagery and Documents Publication

    The vehicle is taken to our 360-degree digital studio, ready to be photographed. We take photos of the car from every possible angle to allow you to view the vehicle from any perspective you wish. We also process the documents of the vehicle and publish everything online for you to see.

  • Stage 7 - Pre-delivery Inspection

    Just before we deliver your car or prepare it for pick-up, we double-check everything so that we can be 100% sure we're delivering on our Carzam Promise to you.

Cars we won't sell

  • Any car with an outstanding finance agreement is automatically rejected.
  • Cars that have been declared stolen or involved in a major accident, meaning that it has been previously written off by an insurance company.
  • Any vehicle that fails our thorough multi-point inspection safety checks.
  • A car with less than three-months MOT at the time of part-exchange.
  • Vehicles with an illuminated warning light on the dashboard.
  • Cars with evidence of rust, corrosion or discolouration on any painted area.
  • Vehicles with excessive chippings or damage that does not reflect normal use with its age and mileage.
  • Cars with dents wider than 15mm in diameter per panel.
  • Vehicles that have scratches more than 70mm long where the primer or bare metal is visible.
  • Cars with damage to the interior upholstery, such as burns, scratches and tears that do not reflect normal use with its age and mileage.
  • A car with tyres that don't meet the UK legal requirements. This includes wheel scuffs totalling more than 50mm on the total circumference of the wheel trim or alloy wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I breakdown do Carzam provide roadside assistance?

    Every car sold has a free 100 day guarantee which includes breakdown assistance. To request breakdown assistance please use the Carzam Protect app to request the service. The app should be downloaded when you buy your car from either the Apple App store or Google Play store and registered to your vehicle. If you require assistance please contact our Customer Support team.

  • What documents come with a car I buy?

    Where this has been supplied to us as a physical document we will supply all manuals and documents relating to service history, where this does not have the personal details of a previous keeper.  Shortly after delivery or collection is complete, we will register you online as the new keeper with the DVLA, meaning you will receive a new V5 keepers document with your name and address on it within a few days.

  • What happens if I don't like the car when it's delivered?

    If you do find something you are unhappy with at the time of collection or delivery then let us know straight away and we will outline the options available to you.  All cars have a 14-day promise*.

    * For more information about our 14-day promise please see our terms.

  • There's a problem with my car, what should I do?

    If you are within 100 days of making your purchase or have chosen to extend your warranty then please contact the warranty team using the Carzam Protect app. You will need to download the Carzam protect app from the Apple App store or Google Play store when you purchase your car to activate your warranty. Details on how to do this will be sent to you in an email on confirmation of your purchase.

    If your warranty claim is declined then you may still be entitled to a remedy under your statutory rights. Please contact the Customer Support so that we can provide assistance and explore the options open to you.

  • Will my car have fuel in it?

    To keep our prices low and pass on those savings to you, we may provide only minimal fuel in your vehicle.  This also helps with our safe storage of vehicles in our collection hubs.

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